Family Law

When problems arise within the family unit or another type of relationship, it is important to get help from a NJ Family Law and experienced Family Law Attorney to resolve those issues. Many people benefit from gentle direction and professional legal assistance to work through their very emotional and stressful family issues.

Law Office of Jill M. Tribulas

At the Westmont, NJ, law office of Jill M. Tribulas, people from across the state get the professional legal advice, counsel and representation they need for resolving Family Law matters. We have helped hundreds of clients deal with sensitive issues like divorce and child custody, as well as simpler matters than can be ironed out within our conference room between the partners in a relationship.

Attorney Jill M. Tribulas

In 2001, Attorney Jill M. Tribulas was first licensed to practice law in New Jersey. She has devoted her law career to helping people resolve important personal and business matters that need legal direction to achieve the best possible resolution. Jill has served clients statewide during her career as a Family Law Attorney. She understands the impact that family disputes have on all members of a family unit, and she works diligently to help her clients find exceptionally good solutions.

NJ Family Law Attorney

Many issues face families today, and at times the struggle to make things work takes a turn for the worse, causing the family unit great pain and turmoil. When you work with Attorney Jill M. Tribulas, you get the support and direction needed to find solutions that work for you and your loved ones.

We provide legal services to manage all aspects of Family Law:

  • Pre-nuptial Agreements – Avoid future disputes
  • Divorce & Separation – When reconciliation is not an option, dissolution of the relationship may be preferred
  • Child Support
  • Child Custody & Parenting Time – Children love both parents and need sufficient time with each, unless violence is an issue
  • Emancipation – Helping adult children who qualify for emancipation and should no longer be supported financially by either parent
  • Alimony – Income based support
  • Property Distribution – Fair asset division can be contentious during a divorce or separation
  • Domestic Violence/Restraining Orders – Temporary/Final & Enforcement –  Protection from physical, verbal and emotional abuse
  • Modification of Agreements – Many circumstances can change and require modifications of prior agreements
  • Post-Judgement Modification of Agreements

Resolve Family Law issues through legal channels, so you and your loved ones can again start to enjoy life again.

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