Money management and bills gone wild can wreak havoc on a family, even to the point where debt results in a divorce or separation. There are legal options to consider if overwhelming debt is harming your relationship and your future. You can stop collection harassment, foreclosures and other creditor threats when you work with experienced Westmont, NJ, Bankruptcy Attorney Jill M. Tribulas.

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We have been helping people resolve severe debt crises for 15 years. The Law Office of Jill M. Tribulas, Esquire, is located in Westmont, NJ. A good portion of our legal work is helping clients deal with financial distress and working with them to find workable solutions. For many people, Bankruptcy offers more than just a fresh start; it offers relief from the daily stress of facing debts that are destroying personal and family peace.

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Since she was first licensed to practice law in New Jersey, in 2001, Attorney Jill M. Tribulas has worked hard to help her clients resolve often complex legal matters, including filing for Bankruptcy protection. She understands how financial woes can affect entire families, and how her knowledge of both Family Law and Bankruptcy is helpful to clients who need to find debt relief.

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Bankruptcy is one legal option you can use to obtain debt relief and a fresh start. It is a serious legal move, but it does offer you an excellent chance to regain control over your financial state. Most individuals file for relief under Bankruptcy Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 relief. These options both offer you a fresh start and a halt to creditor harassment, but it is important to get legal counsel to help you with selecting the best option for your individual circumstances.

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – With Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, individuals can eliminate most unsecured debt, such as credit cards. This is often called liquidation. A means test is required and most debts can be discharged under this option. This also prevents creditor action and contact which results in immediate relief from harassing calls to you as well as your friends and family. There is no repayment under Chapter 7 and most people get to keep all of their property.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – With Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, you are allowed to reorganize your debts with an approved repayment plan. Debtors can repay on a defaulted car loan or mortgage over time so the debtor can keep the assets while in bankruptcy. Under this option, you may be able to protect assets from repossession or sale to pay off debts and most people get to keep all of their property.

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